Cost per page

Based upon 2009 costs.  It is costing companies upto 25p Per page to process a tender enquiry to its supply chain.

There are 6 hidden costs that a business incurs every single time they action a tender.

The following table below demonstrates the cost per page to produce a tender enquiry send out consisting of 150 x A4 pages and 2 x A1 drawings to 15 trade subcontractors or suppliers:

  • photo copy paper per page
  • copier charge per copy, copier energy and consumables
  • copier charge per copy processed
  • Envelope cost 21p for 150 page document
  • Binding mechanism
  • Postage per page
  • Estimator time preparing send outs
  • Admin assistant copying and posting
  • Total average cost is
25p per page processed
COST TO YOUR COMPANY £495.00.  taking up to 7 days to complete a major send out
OR USE TENDER MANAGER from only £45.00. and the entire tender package is on your tender manager within hours.

Tender manager charges just 10p per page for the first 25 pages and saves the clients hundreds of pounds for the same enquiry send out.

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